02.18 - 02.19

@Willis Library (UNT)

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hackTAMS is an annual hackathon organized by students at the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science. A hackathon is a coding marathon where students design, build, and present a project - typically software and sometimes hardware - within a short period of time. Our event lets high school students from across Texas showcase their talent and creativity through coding projects and presentations. Students will have access to workshops, guest speakers, networking opportunities, and other fun and informative events while working on their projects.


join us for community, networking opportunities, and fun!


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We will be offering workshops for both beginner and advanced hackers who want to expand their toolkit for project building. The workshops that we will be offering are Intro to App Development, Intro to React, and Intro to Machine Learning.

guest speakers

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We will be inviting multiple distinguished figures from the tech industry to come and speak at hackTAMS. This event is meant to help hackers gain insight into what it's like working in the tech industry and how to get there. More information coming soon...

cs college panel

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We will be inviting undergraduate computer science students from major universities to come and speak at hackTAMS. This event is meant to help hackers learn more about the college application process and what studying computer science is like in college. More information coming soon...

fun activities

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In addition to the informative events, we will also be hosting various fun activities throughout the hackathon. For example, a Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros tournament! More information coming soon...


hack track

The hack track is geared towards students who have experience in computer science and engineering. Students will design and prototype a project using their technical skills and the latest technologies.

prototype track

The prototype track is for participants who have little to no coding experience. Students will come up with a creative idea for a project and create a presentation for it.


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challenge 1

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challenge 2

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challenge 3

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challenge 4

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what is a hackathon?
A hackathon is a coding marathon where students can turn their creative ideas into real projects. During the event, we will have several fun events and informative workshops. Additionally, we will provide free food, merch, and hardware.
who is eligible to participate?
hackTAMS is exclusively targeted towards high school students.
are there any costs?
No, everything is free! This includes participation, food, merch, and swag!
what should i bring?
If you're participating from online, all you'll need is a laptop. If you're participating in-person, you'll need to bring a laptop and a charger. Additionally, feel free to bring blankets, pillows, and anything else you'll need over the weekend. Hardware and food will be provided by us.
how many people can be on a team?
Teams can include anywhere from 2-4 people. You can participate individually as well.
what if i don't have a team?
You can still sign up if you don't have a team! We'll host a team formation session during the event where you can find teammates.
what if i don't know how to code?
hackTAMS is targeted towards both beginner and advanced coders, so you can participate even if you have limited coding experience! We will have a beginner's track and various resources (workshops, mentors) to help beginners during the event.
when is registration?
Registration will be open from December 1 to February 1!
have more questions?
Email us at team@hacktams.org!


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